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Arrival 14 DEC 2018
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In the heart of Gdansk

  1. Strona główna
  2. In the heart of

Number One Hotel is located in the centre of Gdansk. Here you can feel the city's heart beating, as well as see its history. Monuments, cinemas, theatres, restaurants and pubs. That's all for the asking.

It depends on you whether you spend your day in the hotel room or by travelling across the city and looking for attractions and secrets of Gdansk.

City of Gdansk and Granaries Island

Citizens of the World

In 21st century we are the citizens of the world. Thinking about home – we have few places in mind. We would like Gdansk and Number One Hotel to become your home as well. One of those places which you want to come back to.

Let us fascinate you

Architecture of Number one hotel was inspired by historical housing of Wyspa Spichrzow. In 14th century the first breadbaskets were created by the Motlawa river. In the past warehouse of the Main City. It is estimated that in the 16th century there were even hundreds of them . Over the years history of this place was asleep, now in Number One Hotel it is coming back to life, especially for our Guests.

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